The Global Human Rights Group is a social enterprise based in Geneva, comprising of the NGO, the Global Human Rights Clinic (a not-for-profit Association under Swiss Law), and the not-just-for-profit company, Global Human Rights Consultants (LLC).

The Global Human Rights Clinic was founded in 2012, and aims to provide opportunities for students, recent graduates and new practitioners to gain practical experience in real human rights work. The Global Human Rights Clinic facilitates collaborative teams with cross-institutional participants, and helps build connections and networks between experienced human rights advocates, international lawyers, NGOs, UN experts and others, and students, researchers, and other learners. Through a model of experiential learning, the Clinic aims to open doors and expand opportunities for ‘up-and-coming’ human rights practitioners gain ‘hands on’ mentoring and practice in their chosen profession, while deepening and expanding the possibilities for experienced practitioners to contribute to the future of their profession.

Global Human Rights Consulting LLC is a boutique global consultancy firm with a difference. Specializing in delivering expert legal and policy advice to governments, NGOs, NHRIs, international organisations, public-private partnerships, independent experts, world leaders, and human rights defenders and advocates; providing tailored and in-country professional training on UN human rights mechanisms, international organisations, & advocacy; disseminating information and expertise on international human rights law and practice, international advocacy strategies, development, gender, peace-building and global governance. We undertake projects internationally on all areas of international human rights: desk research, analysis, advice, advocacy, training, fact-finding, field-work, monitoring, report writing, etc.

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